Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Yes, you too.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Heehee! "The Choo-Choo Game!" Posted by Picasa

More close-ups Posted by Picasa

Miss you! Posted by Picasa

Haley!!! Posted by Picasa

My BFG Posted by Picasa

Hales-dawg Posted by Picasa

These close ups are for my Heeley who was busy ROCKING the GRE and couldn't be with us when we made the tree *sniff* Posted by Picasa

Oh! I see! Its PP10's Thanksgiving Tree! Posted by Picasa

Jobbies? What are you guys looking at? Posted by Picasa

Hammer, whats up? Posted by Picasa

If I was nice I would include an explanation as to why Elizabeth has a beard, like for instance she had to do it for her stage makeup class, but I'm not nice so I'm just going to let you assume that this is what she normally looks like. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Monday, November 07, 2005

Look for SeaBass Nation's debut album, "Pushing the Package" coming to a store near you hopefully sometime soon but you know you can't put a timetable on talent like this so don't hold your breath.

For Hobby Horse's 21st birthday we got 21 guys to come and give her a kiss on the cheek and here's the Lollipop Kid himself puttin the moves on the unsuspecting birthday girl. Happy Birthday Hobbs!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

If you want to teach your kids not to be intimidated by books maybe you shouldn't make the books bigger than the child.

Witchipoos on Parade Posted by Picasa

This is one of my favorite persons in the world, who also happens to be the mother of one of my favorite persons in the world and has the same name of yet another of my favorite persons in the world. Posted by Picasa

This one lady in my ward started a group of women who all dress up as witches for the community parade. They call themselves the "Witchipoos" and every year it just gets bigger and bigger. Posted by Picasa

Chubblito! Posted by Picasa

Molitos using the new stuff! Posted by Picasa

Completely new indoor play area for rainy days Posted by Picasa

The beautifully renovated chapel/meeting room Posted by Picasa

The fancy new reception area. Posted by Picasa

*Sniff* This is el centro Rosemount Center, the headstart preschool in D.C. that I used to work at and they just finished with a complete renovation of the building which is over 100 years old. Thanks to my papi for sending these pictures! Posted by Picasa

...let alone have a girlfriend! Posted by Picasa

Tres joli, n'est-ce pas? Posted by Picasa

Voici ma soeur Souer Johnson! Elle renquiller 21 Decembre! Posted by Picasa