Friday, July 29, 2005

Crazy pioneer Cheryl

Crazy pioneer Greg

Just in case you were wondering what Wyoming looks like...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Monday, July 25, 2005

Check out that not-at-all-fake waterfall action Posted by Picasa

No, thats not the kitchen sink, silly! Thats Bridal Veil Falls! Posted by Picasa

The Stittinator Posted by Picasa

Bonnie angry!!! Posted by Picasa

BC Posted by Picasa

Yeah thats right. Our outfits match. Whuddya gonna do about it? Posted by Picasa

Okay, enough with the me Posted by Picasa

Even more me!!! Posted by Picasa

Me, again!!! Posted by Picasa

Me!!! Posted by Picasa

Becca, workin' the camera Posted by Picasa

Becca!!! Posted by Picasa

Glam shot Posted by Picasa

Starla Decker, Relief Society President and international super model Posted by Picasa

Cutie! Posted by Picasa

Liz's Little Mermaid impression Posted by Picasa

Liz Stitt...thinking? Posted by Picasa

Bonnie's close up Posted by Picasa

Bonnie!!! Posted by Picasa

Glamour Shots by Cheryl: Katie K Posted by Picasa

Katie!!! Posted by Picasa

Crazy Family Photo Posted by Picasa

Family Photo #2 Posted by Picasa